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Lease to Protect

Usually you want a lease to protect yourself from rent increases, moving and define what the lessor will deliver. Have you ever been stuck in a lease, when things change, and you have a year or more to go? You feel trapped. Now someone has a solution: Flip. Teke Wiggin at Inman explains. “Flip is out to save both parties the headaches. The app, available through the AppStore, hosts a marketplace where renters can buy and sell rental leases. […]

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Sell House to Investor

A friend said to us, “Why don’t you sell house to investor? It was a tough time. I had been down-sized and there went my family health insurance. COBRA was just impossible to afford. Then my daughter caught sick with pneumonia and she was hospitalized in the ICU for a week. The bills were outrageous! Our one hope was to borrow on the equity in our home or sell the house quickly. We visited the banks, but they were not willing to loan on our equity. Being unemployed meant that we didn’t have the income to make the loan work. […]

By | May 6th, 2015|blog, investing, real estate|0 Comments
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