Little Fees that Eat Away Your Income

When Sam and Holly’s parents retired, they had prepared for this moment many years ago by buying real estate that provided an income. They found every rental property they owned needed treatment as an individual business. Like any business, they kept track of everything that impacted their bottom line. In many cases, they found six hidden fees [...]

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Save Money by Accelerating Our Mortgage Payoff

Let’s save money by accelerating our mortgage payoff. Face it interest rates rising recently signal that the FED is succeeding in getting overall inflation up to two percent. In some areas, inflation is already higher. Look at rents, housing prices, healthcare, gasoline, and food. The need to save money is becoming a priority. There are [...]

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Ask Christina 1st | Interview w. Paige Panzarello “Cash Flow Chick”

In this episode of Ask Christina First, Christina interviews Paige Panzarello also known as Cash Flow Chick. Paige who will be presenting at FIBI Pasadena March 15, 2018, talks about her career in real estate and how she bounced back from loosing 20 million dollars. With her amazing insight and experience in real estate and [...]

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