Benefits Of First Position Note Investing

One of the many draws of “first position note investing” is that you are always very first person to be paid in the event of a catastrophe or an unseen circumstance. When dealing in the real estate market, it is always best to keep an element of control and maintaining a position of authority over your investment. First position note investing is possible with hard assets that are tangible, unlike something more liquid (such as stock investing). It allows you to be the final arbiter of your investments and have a sense of security as well.

If you would like to learn more about first position note investing take a look at this short video clip!

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Video Notes:

  • We are the first to be paid when a mortgage defaults or a catastrophe occurs.
  • We have claim on the securing of collateral.
  • Right of sale upon default.
  • Secured by residential real estate.
  • Borrowers are clearly accustomed to living indoors.
  • Real estate systems can be determined systematically and by comps.
  • Real estate is in a fixed and unchangeable location.
  • Contracts are well established in statute and case law.
  • Mortgages are fungible and can be sold; recognized as an entity.