right party contact

The Importance Of Right Party Contact

If you ARE self-servicing your loan, you will also need to establish right party contact. If you skip this step, it could get you in some legal trouble and in breach of the borrower’s right of privacy. Remember - Right Party Contact is key!

The 411 On Real Estate Note Investing Collateral Files

The 411 On Real Estate Note Investing Collateral Files

Description: You might be interested in pursuing note investing as a career to earn yourself a passive income, or as a stepping stone to dig deeper into the world of real estate. If so, then note investing is perfect for you. Once you begin your journey in note...

note investing

How Does Time Affect Your Note Investing ROI?

Are you aware that time can be a killer with profit, regardless of the type of investment in real estate you choose? 
In this video, we dive into the importance of time as a critical element of investing, and how it can impact your returns.

women in real estate

The Truth About Women In Real Estate Investing

Have you wanted to get into real estate investing, but been intimidated because you think it's a “man’s world”? Think again!  In this video, we'll explore how the landscape of real estate investing has changed for women, and provide tips and advice for both women...