The Top 5 Reasons To Get Into Note Investing in 2023

I love Note Investing! It checks a lot of different boxes as an investment and is my #1 favorite wealth building strategy. It’s got it all including plenty of different ways to create wealth while mitigating risk (which definitely makes me happy since I’m very risk averse!), full control over the terms of the deal, so it gives you opportunity to create a WIN-WIN your borrower, without losing control, and more.


Paperstac: The Platform That Makes Buying and Selling Notes Easy!

Paperstac is an online buying and selling platform for notes and it’s a great resource for Note Investors, whether you are a Note Investing veteran or someone just getting into the space. It provides a whole host of services that take away the guesswork and the fear of dealing with a new buyer or seller.

The Dangers of Self Servicing Your Loans

Learn about the dangers of self-servicing your loans and the risks involved when you try to do everything yourself, and how you can protect yourself by working with a debt-servicing company. Find out what a servicing company brings to the table, how they keep you and your borrowers happy and in compliance, and why they are a vital component of your Note investing team.

Failure Will Always Feel Better Than Regret

It is so common for anyone getting involved in real estate investing to have the fear of failure, especially if you are new! Truthfully, that fear can grip all of us that are heading into unknown territory. The fear of losing all your money can influence your...

The Fundamentals Of Notes Investing

What is a note? Simply put, a note is basically a promise to pay. It’s a debt instrument and they come in two forms, secured and unsecured.  One example of an unsecured note is something that most people have experience with is a credit. Every time you use your...

virtual is the new normal

Virtual is the New Normal

Virtual is going to be the standard going forward.  Covid-19 and the lockdowns over the past 18 months have changed the landscape and the way we interact with each other, but the market keeps on chugging and it isn’t going to wait. This is the new normal. Right...