Collaborate with An Asset Manager in Real Estate To Find Notes

Let’s talk about the “big bad asset managers”! In real estate, people are always looking for TWO things:  deals and money. They go hand in hand. Finding deals in the note investing space means having to connect with asset managers, which sounds daunting because you might be new, and their position, “Asset Manager” sounds [...]

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FAQ – Do You Need A Boatload of Money To Start Note Investing?

FACT OR FICTION?  "If you’re going to be a note investor, you need to have tons of money to buy notes." While it is true that you need some skin in the game, with notes (like every other form of real estate investing) having cash is always handy, but that doesn’t mean it has [...]

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A Key Resource for Due Diligence in Real Estate Note Investing

One of my most valuable resources is a key piece of due diligence, and this is called the Ownership and Encumbrance Report, or “O&E Report”. It is a title report that gives you key information about the ownership, meaning your borrower, and anything that is an encumbrance against the property that is securing your [...]

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How to Handle the Fear of Losing Money from Investments

How do you handle the fear of losing money? Real estate and note investing are obviously not risk-free. While note investing is a safer type of investment in my opinion, at some point there is a possibility of losing money. A lot of us will go into an investment and have a specific exit [...]

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The Truth About How Much Retirement Income You Need

Have you taken control of your financial future? Do you know how much retirement income you need? It is so sad to me that schools don’t teach anything about finances, the value of saving and investing money, and how to avoid living paycheck to paycheck. Did you know that most Americans aged 40 don’t [...]

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What You Need to Know About Equity as a Note Investor

Don’t be fooled! Equity is nice, but as a note investor you are only owed as much as you are owed!!! I have educated not only individual sellers but also banks and hedge funds regarding this big myth about note investing and where we should be in terms of our price point. A lot [...]

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Learn how Note Investors Collaborate

Are you already investing in notes or planning to start? 🤔  Whatever stage you are in, I have a question for you! ❓ What surprised you the most about it? My students from the Building Wealth with Notes Workshop mentioned to me that what surprised them the most was how refreshingly collaborative the note [...]

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