The Top 7 Reasons To Get Into Note Investing in 2022

I love Note Investing! It checks a lot of different boxes as an investment and is my #1 favorite wealth building strategy. It’s got it all including plenty of different ways to create wealth while mitigating risk (which definitely makes me happy since I’m very risk averse!), full control over the terms of the deal, so it gives you opportunity to create a WIN-WIN your borrower, without losing control, and more.

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The Dangers of Self Servicing Your Loans

Learn about the dangers of self-servicing your loans and the risks involved when you try to do everything yourself, and how you can protect yourself by working with a debt-servicing company. Find out what a servicing company brings to the table, how they keep you and your borrowers happy and in compliance, and why they are a vital component of your Note investing team.

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