What is the Difference Between Performing & Non-Performing Notes

When you look to invest in notes, you must first determine if the note is performing or non-performing. What is the difference between performing & non-performing notes? Imagine a property purchased for $25,000 cash in Anytown, USA. That same property is sold on seller-financed terms for $50,000 with 10% down and monthly payments of $500 [...]

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Are You Buying Notes and Deeds?

If you’re a real estate solutions company buying properties for cash, are you buying notes and deeds? You can add an arrow to your quiver by buying notes and deeds. They can be far more profitable and less stressful than stocks and real estate investment in physical property. Since most people buy homes using mortgage [...]

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We Buy Los Angeles Houses for Cash

Have you seen those signs that say, “We Buy Los Angeles Houses for Cash”? There are companies that buy houses because some homeowners need to sell fast.  Coal to Cash Homebuyers, Inc is the premier company in Los Angeles that buys houses for cash. We Buy Los Angeles Houses for Cash for Four Main Reasons Debt – Financial [...]

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How Do I Invest In Real Estate

Before we talk about how do I invest in real estate, I think you need to catch the bug, which means reading a lot and finding out how others have done it. That means what mistakes did they make so you can avoid repeating their mistakes. Kevin Perk in Bigger Pockets asks do you remember catching [...]

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7 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you want to work smarter and not harder, everyone knows the usual tricks: Manage your time, take strategic breaks, get enough sleep. And that’s all good advice, but you’ve probably asked yourself if there’s more you can be doing. After all, you’re already using those strategies, and you still find yourself with more work than you [...]

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Worry Your Retirement Nest Egg Won’t Last as Long as You Do?

A study conducted by Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research has found that American workers are $6.6 trillion short of what they need to retire comfortably. A striking number, 46% of all American workers, have less than $10,000 saved for retirement. Maybe, you are the exceptional American, though I suspect most of you still worry your retirement [...]

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How to Fund Your Kids’ Education

Deborah Fowles at The Balance writes, “If you’re the parent of a newborn or young child, you’ve probably heard the depressing estimates of the cost of a college education when your child is ready to enter college about 18 years from now." The cost of four years of a public college is expected to cost in excess [...]

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Reasons to Sell to Cash Buyer

Los Angeles houses land on the market for a variety of reasons. Coal to Cash Homebuyers, Inc. is a real estate investor and redevelopment company, and we see all of the reasons to sell to a cash buyer. Need to relocate quickly There is a tornado of activity when you relocate to another area. It could [...]

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