Exit Strategies for Rental Property

Many people enter the real estate investing business for the financial benefits this market offers – it’s no secret that the whole point of purchasing investment properties is to make money through appreciation or rent in the years to come. No successful real estate investor enters the market without establishing an efficient business model (plan) – hence, having [...]

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What to do with Extra Money You Have at the End of the Month

What to do with the extra money you have at the end of the month. That’s called Discretionary income. Disposable income is a person’s take-home pay used to meet both essential and nonessential expenses. Discretionary income is what is left over from disposable income after the income-earner pays for rent/mortgage, transportation, food, utilities, insurance, and other essential costs. Discretionary [...]

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Your Work-Life Balance

Pause for a moment, wherever you are and check-in with yourself with these questions, “Do I feel stressed? Am I unhappy?  Do I feel I have no time for my family? If you answered yes to these questions, your work-life balance is unhealthy. “Work-life balance is a concept that describes the ideal of splitting one’s [...]

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How I Earn High and Passive Income From Rental Properties

Jussi Askola writes in Seeking Alpha, “Rental properties are very popular among income investors and retirees. How do I know? All my rental-related articles receive a lot of comments and attention. Especially in 2019, as the stock market is still hovering near all-time highs and bonds are yielding very little – I believe that rental property [...]

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Dangers of Unpermitted Improvements

Do I really need a Building Permit? This is a question many people may ask themselves when planning alterations to their home. They are just rolling the dice if they don’t pull building permits. There are dangers of unpermitted improvements. Dangers of Unpermitted Improvements Some homeowners are finding when they try to sell or refinance [...]

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Tips to Increase Income and Not Work More Hours

Looking for tips to increase income and not work more hours? If so, you’re not alone. According to CNN, millions of people are constantly looking for ways to increase their income. The good news is, with the advent of the internet, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for ways to make money at home, or online, there [...]

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Buying Notes and Deeds

If you’re a real estate solutions company buying properties for cash, try adding another arrow to your quiver by buying notes and deeds. Notes and deeds can be far more profitable, and less stressful than stocks and real estate investment in physical property. Here’s how to go about buying notes and deeds. First, let’s define [...]

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