Of Evictions and the Millions in Forbearance

We have been writing recently about the crisis of evictions and the millions in forbearance. I found this question and answer with Doug Casey eye-opening. Of Evictions and the Millions in Forbearance International Man: Currently, over 18 million Americans are currently behind on their mortgage or rent payments. That temporary suspension on evictions ends December [...]

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Five Major Housing Trends in 2021

Bankrate shares what they expect to be the five major housing trends in 2021. Based on the predictions of housing experts who spoke at a virtual conference of the National Association of Real Estate Editors, mortgage rates will rise from record lows. The trends suggest home-price gains will slow, and Americans will continue their migration to less dense [...]

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The State of Mortgage Delinquencies

When we look at the state of mortgage delinquencies, we see some improvement in the short term or recent defaults. However, mortgage delinquencies continued to rise in July, according to CoreLogic’s new loan performance report. The company found that 6.6 percent of all mortgages were at least 30 days past due (including those in foreclosure.) [...]

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Working with A Distressed Seller

Working with a distressed seller can benefit you and the seller. We get a good deal, and they get out of a desperate situation.  Yet, a seller may be reluctant to use you.  Why is that? Working with A Distressed Seller A distressed seller is often suffering from overload.  They may be regularly receiving a [...]

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Delinquent Mortgages Are the Highest Since 1999

Not since the 1930s have we seen housing and unemployment this bad. In addition, 12 million renters face eviction due to no rental payments for at least three months. Wolf Street points out that delinquent mortgages are the highest since 1999. Transition from “Current” to 30-days past due: In April, the share of all delinquent mortgages soared [...]

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Non-Performing Notes Vs. Rentals

How does investing in non-performing notes vs. rentals compare? What are non-performing notes? Notes are the financial or paper side of the real estate business. The house is the collateral backing the note, which in a worst-case scenario, we can take back or repossess if the borrower fails to pay as promised. However, even in [...]

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What is the Difference Between Performing & Non-Performing Notes

When you look to invest in notes, you must first determine if the note is performing or non-performing. What is the difference between performing & non-performing notes? Imagine a property purchased for $25,000 cash in Anytown, USA. That same property is sold on seller-financed terms for $50,000 with 10% down and monthly payments of $500 [...]

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Homes are in Forbearance – What Does That Mean For you?

Thanks to the continued impact of COVID-19 on the economy, The Housing Wire, tells us that approximately 10% of borrowers whose mortgages are backed by the Federal Housing Administration or the Department of Veterans Affairs, will be forced to have homes in forbearance. The data comes courtesy of a new report from the Mortgage Bankers Association, which polled more than 50 [...]

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Are You Buying Notes and Deeds?

If you’re a real estate solutions company buying properties for cash, are you buying notes and deeds? You can add an arrow to your quiver by buying notes and deeds. They can be far more profitable and less stressful than stocks and real estate investment in physical property. Since most people buy homes using mortgage [...]

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We Buy Los Angeles Houses for Cash

Have you seen those signs that say, “We Buy Los Angeles Houses for Cash”? There are companies that buy houses because some homeowners need to sell fast.  Coal to Cash Homebuyers, Inc is the premier company in Los Angeles that buys houses for cash. We Buy Los Angeles Houses for Cash for Four Main Reasons Debt – Financial [...]

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