7 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you want to work smarter and not harder, everyone knows the usual tricks: Manage your time, take strategic breaks, get enough sleep. And that’s all good advice, but you’ve probably asked yourself if there’s more you can be doing. After all, you’re already using those strategies, and you still find yourself with more work than you [...]

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Worry Your Retirement Nest Egg Won’t Last as Long as You Do?

A study conducted by Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research has found that American workers are $6.6 trillion short of what they need to retire comfortably. A striking number, 46% of all American workers, have less than $10,000 saved for retirement. Maybe, you are the exceptional American, though I suspect most of you still worry your retirement [...]

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How to Fund Your Kids’ Education

Deborah Fowles at The Balance writes, “If you’re the parent of a newborn or young child, you’ve probably heard the depressing estimates of the cost of a college education when your child is ready to enter college about 18 years from now." The cost of four years of a public college is expected to cost in excess [...]

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Reasons to Sell to Cash Buyer

Los Angeles houses land on the market for a variety of reasons. Coal to Cash Homebuyers, Inc. is a real estate investor and redevelopment company, and we see all of the reasons to sell to a cash buyer. Need to relocate quickly There is a tornado of activity when you relocate to another area. It could [...]

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Opportunity Zones

Could you be one of those who say, “I can’t sell because of the capital gains taxes I would pay.” Welcome to Urban Renewal for America – Opportunity Zones, a program created in the 2017 tax overhaul to spur economic development in low-income neighborhoods while offering investors potentially large tax breaks. The program has not [...]

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What is a Fiduciary?

“But to say that a man is a fiduciary only begins analysis; it gives direction to further inquiry. To whom is he a fiduciary? What obligations does he owe as a fiduciary? In what respects has he failed to discharge these obligations? And what are the consequences of his deviations from duty?” – Justice Felix Frankfurter, SEC [...]

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Moving Out of State

In 2018, the Golden State grew by 186,807 people, according to data released by the state last week. That represents the represents the slowest growth in the state’s entire history, a meager 0.47 percent increase over the year before. Thursday, Tina Daley, who heads demographic research for the state’s department of finance,  said the slow growth wasn’t surprising. Some are moving out [...]

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Exit Strategies for Rental Property

Many people enter the real estate investing business for the financial benefits this market offers – it’s no secret that the whole point of purchasing investment properties is to make money through appreciation or rent in the years to come. No successful real estate investor enters the market without establishing an efficient business model (plan) – hence, having [...]

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