3 Easy Video Marketing Tips for Real Estate Note Investors

Without a doubt, video has proven to be a powerful online strategy for establishing that “know, like and trust” foundation for lifetime relationships.

Here are 3 tips to help you get started with video marketing:

  • TIP # 2 – Consistency is more important than how often you post videos. Whether you decide to post a video once a week or once a month, your followers and other viewers like to know when to expect your next video. Posting one or two a week is ideal, but don’t set the bar too high and then fall back to posting one video a month.  Choose a schedule you can keep and stick to it!
  • TIP # 3 – IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! Give your viewers a reason to want to view and absorb what you are presenting. Here are a few ideas for your videos (relevant to Real Estate Note investing):
    • Talk about how you closed a deal (they might have a similar deal)
    • Tell a funny story or experience (people love to be entertained)
    • Share advice for newbies (this can also apply to fence sitters)  
    • Talk about mistakes you’ve made and how to avoid them
    • Talk about market trends (people want the inside scoop)

In closing…

At the end of the day, content, message, and sincere delivery matter more than fancy video techniques, so don’t create hurdles that prevent you from reaching your Real Estate Note investing and cash flow goals.

To your success,

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