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Become the Bank with Non-Performing Notes

Featuring: Paige Panzarello

This month at LA South REIA, Paige Panzarello, the Cashflow Chick, is going to teach us about real estate
specific notes, i.e. Mortgage Notes.

If any of these things appeal to you: making money in real estate without speculation; mitigation of risk; control; becoming the Bank; helping people stay in their home; or monthly cashflow without the headache of tenants and toilets, JOIN US at the LA South REIA meeting this month, and learn about investing in notes and how YOU can BECOME THE BANK!

On October 14 th we will be discussing:
 How you can Control your Wealth Destiny by investing in Non-Performing Notes
 Why do we invest in Notes as an asset class
 Good Due Diligence–Pitfalls to Avoid
 Learn to make money the way Banks do!
 Current Market trends
 Actual Case studies of purchased and exited notes