It is so common for anyone getting involved in real estate investing to have the fear of failure, especially if you are new! Truthfully, that fear can grip all of us that are heading into unknown territory. The fear of losing all your money can influence your decision making process, or outright paralyze you into complete inaction.

But even when bad things happen, or if you don’t quite get the outcome you expected, it still feels better than the regret you will feel if you let life pass you by.

If you’re afraid right now, that’s okay. I’ve been there-MANY TIMES!

Everything feels like it’s changing so fast, and for many people that means it’s time to hunker down. To stick with the safe, and avoid the new.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to fail. We ALL do.  And if you learn from it, the good news is that it is NO LONGER A FAILURE! 











In fact, trying and failing is way better than the lingering taste of regret at never having tried, and right now is one of the biggest opportunities I have ever seen for note investors and real estate.

Ask yourself this question: Do you want to look back at this time a year from now and think “I wish I had taken the leap…” or do you want to look back and see this as the pivot point in your story where you stepped up to the plate and took your swing?

The choice is yours.  Failure can be uncomfortable, but regret can be crushing!