How Does Time Affect Your Note Investing ROI?

Are you aware that time can be a killer with profit, regardless of the type of investment in real estate you choose? 

In this video, we dive into the importance of time as a critical element of investing, and how it can impact your returns.

We’ll discuss the effects of time on various investment types, whether real estate or alternative investment strategies. You’ll learn how even a small delay can significantly affect the profitability of your investment, and why it’s essential to consider time as a crucial factor of your exit plan.

Unfortunately, many investors fail to realize the significance of time in their investment journey. But it’s never too late to start!  

By the end of this video, you’ll have a better understanding of the importance of time in investing, and how to leverage it to your advantage. 

So, if you’re an investor, whether experienced or just starting, this video is a must-watch!

Don’t let time be a killer of your profits. Watch this video now and learn how to make the most of your investment journey.


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Paige Panzarello is the “Cashflow Chick”. Having been a Real Estate investor and entrepreneur for almost 25 years, Paige has experienced many facets of real estate investing. Her experience includes founding and running her own Residential and Commercial Construction and Acquisition companies, Buy and Hold residential and commercial real estate investing, Tax Deeds/Liens Investing, Fix and Flip (Residential Remodeling), and other forms to name a few. She currently focuses on Non-Performing Notes that she purchases all across the United States. Whether in notes, residential or commercial real estate, in California, Arizona, or nationwide, Paige has been successful in completing over $150 million in real estate transactions to date.

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