Invest With The Tryllion Group

We are dedicated to helping others invest their hard earned income that does not involve the stock market, so they can stop worrying about retirement and focus on what matters most in life—living!

The Tryllion Group Fund

Tryllion Group Acquires Assets by…

  • 9raising private capital from investors
  • 9source loans by leveraging relationships with asset managers
  • 9perform due diligence
  • 9close on discounted non-performing notes

Asset Management

  • 9create performing loans through modifications to improve value
  • 9held by the fund, once re-performing, for cashflow
  • 9sold to other note buyers when applicable
  • 9transition into REO (Real Estate Owned) for disposition

What’s In It For You?

Investors receive preferred payments through numerous revenue sources including: 

    • 9borrower payments, cashouts, re-fi’s, short sales
    • 9note sales to other investors
    • 9REO disposition

    Advantages of Working With The Tryllion Group Fund

    Passive Returns

    The beauty of working with The Tryllion Group is that it requires no work from you! It’s a completely passive investment.

    The Tryllion Group’s operations team handles all asset management, with proven systems in place. This complete team communicates with asset managers, partners and vendors overseeing the fund. Just sit back and enjoy the passive preferred return payments deposited directly into your bank account.

    Ease Of Investing

    The Tryllion Group Fund is built to include both accredited AND non-accredited investors.

    Many real estate funds have large minimum investment amounts, but not The Tryllion Group Fund, allowing for accessible investment opportunities.

    There are numerous ways to invest. Funds can come through personal accounts, Self-Directed IRAs, Solo 401Ks, IRAs, EQRPs and other qualified plans.

    Risk Mitigation

    Success is when opportunity meets preparedness. The Tryllion Group has well established, stringent policies regarding identification of viable assets that we follow throughout the acquisition, workout, servicing, and disposition process. We maintain an unyielding buying criterion based strictly on numbers and fact, not speculation or emotion. The strict criteria are outlined and designed to help mitigate risks typically encountered to ensure that our investors’ funds are well protected. Some examples are:· Access to large scale buying power allows for diversification in different markets and asset classes.

    • Maintaining control and decision-making power over exit strategies
    • Extensive due diligence
    • Low loan to asset ratios
    • Multiple exit strategies used to monetize the improved value of the assets
    • Strategic partnerships with asset managers, buyers, and other real estate investors

    We might be a right fit if …

    • you want passive income
    • you are looking to potentially earn higher returns without all the work
    • you want your money to work FOR you
    • you seek long term relationships with a trusted team

    A true professional in every sense of the word

    “I have worked hand in hand with Paige over the course of many years on her real estate deals as her escrow officer. Together we closed dozens and dozens of real estate transactions. I have witnessed firsthand that Paige is a focused and articulate businesswoman, with a great attention to detail. What makes Paige unique is her very generous heart. Paige displays a compassion for people that translates through to her business dealings. She is fair, yet practical, and refreshingly, she is true to her word. If Paige says she will do something, she will do it—she will not steer you wrong. I highly recommend Paige not only as a person, but as a true professional in every sense of the word. “

    Donna I., Pioneer Title Agency

    Indispensable to anyone who seeks her real estate solution services

    “It has been about 10 years that I have known Paige Panzarello, as both a close friend and marketing consultant. I was first introduced to Paige as a customer in our art gallery. Over the years we have consulted on various marketing plans. Paige’s knowledge about marketing and sales were of great value to us. She was always supportive and has the ability to see and understand things from another’s perspective. Paige is a direct communicator and one of the most disciplined individuals I know. She has the ability to work efficiently under stressful conditions which speaks highly of her hard work, determination and composed demeanor. I would also like to add that Paige is a compassionate human being with praiseworthy ambition. I believe that she will prove herself indispensable to anyone who seeks her real estate solution services.“

    Susan D., Gallery Owner

    Paige has been a tremendous frame of reference for professional advice.

    “I value her compassion, yet unwillingness to compromise her integrity. It’s a great comfort to know that I don’t have to second guess her intentions and know that she is well-informed and can explain clearly the specifics of the work at hand. If I have any questions, she goes out of her way to revisit the facts and bring back a clear answer. I would never hesitate to refer Paige to any friends or colleagues because I know she will put their best interests first and treat them with the professionalism and personable nature that she has extended to me over the years. She’s respectful of my time and truly a joy to do business with!”

    Brigitte F.

    Paige is top notch!

    “When working with someone, the first thing I look for is someone who has great integrity and I know I can trust to be reliable. I have worked with Paige on several projects over the last couple of years and have always known her to be very professional, articulate, organized, trustworthy, and a team player. I would highly recommend Paige to anyone who is seeking to do business with her. She is top notch!”

    Catherine S.