Investing in Non-Performing Notes- Investor Goddess Interview with Paige Panzarello


Today’s guest has had an incredible real estate career and story!

Paige Panzarello, the “Cashflow Chick”, is a real estate investor and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in many different forms of Real Estate investing. She currently focuses on Non-Performing Notes that she purchases all across the United States.  Paige teaches a Workshop that details how to buy NPNs, what to look for, due diligence to perform, and how to mitigate risk.

Having experienced the crash of 2008, and what she calls “a very difficult learning experience”, Paige knows first-hand how “life can happen”.  Her company was founded to help people in distress. “People first, profit second.” For more information go to:

Monick Halm is host of the Real Estate Investor Goddessses Podcast, and bestselling author of “The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook.” She has over 12 years of residential real estate investing experience in single family, multi-family, mobile home parks, and flipping. With her husband, she owns over 1000 rental doors. She delights in adding value for her investors and tenants through improved management and the targeted remodeling and rehabbing of properties.

Visit: to connect with Monick and obtain your free ebook: “The Real Estate Success Blueprint: The 7 Crucial Steps Every Woman Must Take to Be a Successful Real Estate Investor”

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