Lease to Protect

Usually you want a lease to protect yourself from rent increases, moving and define what the lessor will deliver. Have you ever been stuck in a lease, when things change, and you have a year or more to go? You feel trapped. Now someone has a solution: Flip.

Teke Wiggin at Inman explains. “Flip is out to save both parties the headaches. The app, available through the AppStore, hosts a marketplace where renters can buy and sell rental leases.

“Sebastian Delmont, co-founder of StreetEasy, a New York City-focused listing portal owned by Zillow, has dubbed Flip an “entirely new kind of product and service for renters,” according to a testimonial posted on, the startup’s website.

“Flip prequalifies renters who join its network by requiring them to provide answers to a series of questions along with proof of employment, income, a credit report and application fee of $50.

“Renters who pass muster can then peruse leases posted for sale by people seeking to move.

“Leaseholders who connect with renters through the platform can forward a renter’s “package,” which is generated by Flip, to their landlord or property manager for review.”

Imagine having a lease in a premier area. You must move, but rather than buy out your lease you sell it. Someone else gets a premier spot and maybe a fantastic rate. The landlord or property manager can reject a lease transfer proposed by a tenant using Flip. But if they choose to go along with a transfer, they can reassign the existing lease to the new renter or have the new renter sign an entirely new lease.

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