How to Handle the Fear of Losing Money from Investments

How do you handle the fear of losing money?

Real estate and note investing are obviously not risk-free. While note investing is a safer type of investment in my opinion, at some point there is a possibility of losing money.

A lot of us will go into an investment and have a specific exit in mind, but sometimes it doesn’t pan out the way you had planned.

I’ve seen a physical reaction in people at the thought of losing money. It’s almost visceral. And that physical reaction can STOP you in your tracks. 

Nobody likes to lose money, and nobody likes to “fail” when they try new things.  Losing money and “failure” is only a failure if you don’t learn from it. Don’t let fear distance you from saying YES to future opportunities. Your family’s future may be at stake! 

You have to know that you can bounce back from the bottom. If you built it once, you can do it again…you just need to breathe through it.

You can hedge against losing money by following 3 simple rules: 

➡️ educate yourself

➡️ do your due diligence

➡️ be willing to pivot

Don’t put your blinders on when faced with a potential loss. Instead, pivot your exit strategy change your direction, or be willing to give it a bit more time. Hopefully you have built in a contingency and are willing to give yourself time to hedge against the loss. That’s part of the beauty of Note Investing. We can pivot and turn that potential loss into potential profit instead.

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Paige Panzarello is the “Cashflow Chick”. Having been a Real Estate investor and entrepreneur for almost 25 years, Paige has experienced many facets of real estate investing. Her experience includes founding and running her own Residential and Commercial Construction and Acquisition companies, Buy and Hold residential and commercial real estate investing, Tax Deeds/Liens Investing, Fix and Flip (Residential Remodeling), and other forms to name a few. She currently focuses on Non-Performing Notes that she purchases all across the United States. Whether in notes, residential or commercial real estate, in California, Arizona, or nationwide, Paige has been successful in completing over $150 million in real estate transactions to date.

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