Building Wealth with Notes Workshop - July 2017


What are your investment Goals?

Do You Have a Retirement Plan?

What are notes?

Why 1st Position?

Note Market

Why Do Banks Sell?

Note Education

Note Process Overview

How to Fund Note Purchases

How to find Notes?

Finding Distressed Paper

Evaluating Candidate Notes

Purchasing the Note

Kaaren Hall

Setting Real Estate Note Investor Goals 

Due Diligence - Part 1

Due Diligence - Part 2

Perfecting Note Title

Post Note Purchase - Hazard Insurance

Post Note Purchase - Property Taxes

Post Note Purchase - Property Preservation

Note Workout 

Guest Speakers - Joel Markovitz & Jennifer Banner

Exit Strategies - Reinstatement

Exit Strategies - Loan Modification

Exit Strategies - Deed-in-Lieu

Exit Strategies - Short Sale

Exit Strategies - Foreclosure

A Scalable 6 Note Scenario

Special Guest - Brent Kesler

Reviewing and Evaluating an Actual Note

Single Note Analysis Tool 

Comparable Value Analysis

Collateral File Review