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A few times a year, we have a special guest expert interview so we keep learning from other professionals with relevant expertise. I pick the brains of people I trust, respect and want to learn from, and we explore new ideas together. Topics include land trusts, lease options, interesting twists on seller financing, joint venture real estate investing, raising private money, and the power of investing through self-directed IRA accounts.

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Guest Expert Interview with Randy Hughes

Club Call With Ron Happe – Note Mogul – NPN Education & Investing

It’s not very often that I have the opportunity to promote people I trust in the business with such enthusiasm. What’s really happening in the note industry? How much longer will NPN investing be a going concern? How has Dodd-Frank changed the landscape? Why is it more important than ever to make sure that you have licensing in place? My interview with Ron Happe addresses all of these questions.NPNs have been quite the sexy thing the last few years. Some investors have made a lot of money, others have had a rough time of it. It’s a very information and labor intensive business, and if you don’t get the workouts processed, you don’t have the cash flow. And sadly, it can be hard to find a good servicer, who is also good at workouts. Main Street Capital is filling this niche. They have to figure this all out just to manage their own impressive portfolio of non-performing notes, so they are leveraging their knowledge and infrastructure into a business to help others.They are also teaching others everything they need to know to buy and manage their own portfolios at their Note Mogul events, but afterwards, many people reali When they are fully set up across the country, I will board all of my owner occupied notes with them. And when my notes have hiccups, as they do every now and then, I have the best work out team in the county right there to help me, and to help struggling homeowners with resources that I simply don’t have time to keep up on. I am delighted to introduce and endorse Ron Happe and his top notch team at Note Mogul and Main Street Capital. Hope you enjoy and share the info with anyone else you know in the note industry. I will be at the Note Mogul event in July in San Francisco this year.If you plan to attend any of the events (which I highly recommend) get $500 off when you use Discount Code: DAWN OFC members-only chat:

Original recorded interview with Ron:

Club Call – Buying For Cash Selling On Terms – Great Returns With Mobile Homes On Land

My guest, Keith, is someone I’ve met as I’ve traveled about with Walter & Quincy… the networking on these trips is more than worth the time and expense. I want to be like Keith when I grow up… living 100% tax free out of my Roth IRA. Keith (and others I’ve talked with) have found mobile homes on land to produce 20%+ returns, often over 30%. They buy with all cash, then sell with owner financing to someone who would otherwise never have a chance at home ownership. They can own their own home in less than 10 years, usually.What a great win-win, huh? I’ll be looking at mobiles on and in my new area here in northwestern Nevada. I’m happy to be able to share some of the profound relationships I have made with you, hope you get some meaningful perspective out of it:

Wraps and Other Creative Financing Techniques – Walter Wofford

This is a ‘must watch’ presentation. Walter keeps my head spinning as he describes several ways to create passive income through wrapping underlying financing, whether it’s existing bank financing, or a private loan, or the use of options. He is a seller financing expert. One of my best friends in the industry, he and Quincy Long of Quest IRA (where I have my various self-directed accounts) host the IRA Fun Cruise that I am so fond of going on.Prepare for a brain stretch…

Club Call – How to Flip With Owner Financing In Today’s Market

The exit strategy for many real estate investors has had to change. How does an investor sell with owner financing, but walk away with the cash to do the next deal? One of our members gets specific guidance on just how such a transaction could be engineered in his area of the country. He is looking to get his seed capital back out so he can buy more property, but he will leave most of his profit on the back side. That way he has cash flow stacking up, waiting to pour in 3, 4, 5 years down the road, and he can attract note investors to buy his ‘green’ note.

How New Investors Can Buy A Property $200,000 Over Market With Owner Financing, And Still Cash Flow

I’ve known Henry (Buddy) Broome for about five years now, and he’s one of my all-time favorite friends and clients. For this month’s Club Call, he agreed to talk about his first owner carry purchase, and how he is transitioning more and more out of his attorney work. He bought a 5-unit apartment building with 5% down, and the sellers (who owned the property free and clear) carried a note at 4.75% amortized over 50 years to get the P&I payment to make sense from a cash flow perspective for Buddy and his wife, Tina.Buddy’s not a professional guru, although he is turning increasingly into someone who is cultivating a following. He is generous with and supportive of others who are trying to learn and engage the real estate market as investors. I appreciate him taking the time to share his down home, real life experience. We both trust that you will gain valuable insights from his story.

Dodd-Frank Compliance For Seller Financed Deals – Licensed Mortgage Originators LMO On Your Team

Joint Ventures In Real Estate And Notes For Optimized Cash Flow – Jim Ingersol

Q&A Session With Club Members – How Do I Get Started With Notes?

Buy Cheap Houses, Sell With Owner Financing And Sell The Note – Walter Wofford

What It Takes To Be A Successful Note Broker

Sellers With No Equity Avoid Short Sales – Landlords Become The Bank – Bob Zachmeier

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The Creators Of the HP10BII Financial Calculator Show Us Some Inside Tips

Quincy Long Talks About Using Self-Directed IRA’S To Invest In Real Estate And Notes

Dodd-Frank Esntein, Safe Act For Seller Carry Owner Financing – A Conversation

David Phelps Talks To Us About the Genius Of Joint Ventures

Q&A With CA Real Estate Attorney – Tyler Happe

Wendy Patton Is Making More $ Than Ever And Navigating Dodd-Frank

CFPB Rules 95% Of Owner Financed Transactions Exempt From Dodd-Frank

30% Yields Buying Property Cheap And Selling On Land Contract – With Vena Jones-Cox

Marketing For Notes – With Jeff Armstrong “There Are A Ton Of Notes Out There”

Investing In Notes: Non-Performing Junior Liens – Gordon Moss

New Thoughts For Using Land Trusts For Real Estate And Notes Investments

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How To Build A Killer Balance Sheet – Financial Literacy 101 With Jed August

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Wendy Patton – Why Lease Options Can Be Better Than 0% Financing!

Kaaren Hall – How To Invest In Notes With A Self-Directed IRA

Mathew Owens – Buy and Hold For Rental Income Or Sell OWC For Interest Income?

Walter Wofford – Buying & Wrapping Real Estate With 0% Financing

Ellis San Jose – Buying Non-Performing 2nd Position Bank Notes

Henry Dvorken – Buy And Hold Notes With No Money Of Your Own