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February 2017 - People Do Business with People They Know, Like & Trust

January 2017 - Shifting Your Investments Toward Selling Notes for Long Term Profits

December 2016 - Positive Cash Flow Through Seller Financing

November 2016 - Pros and Cons when foreclosing on a note with a partial

October 2016 - Amortizing vs Interest Only Notes - Rebounding After 2008 Real Estate Losses

September 2016 - How to Get Started Investing in Notes – Finding Good Notes to Buy

August 2016 - Real Estate Agents Work in Owner Financing and Notes - NPN Horror Story

June 2016 - How To Get Started Finding and Investing in Notes Without Your Own Money - Dodd Frank - SDIRA

May 2016 - Land and Trust For Safe Owner Carry On a 4-Plex, Getting Started With Notes In Your Self-Directed IRA

April 2016 - Probate Deal With Owner Financing, Bankruptcy and Non-Performing Junior Liens Etc.

March 2016 - Owner Financing and Discounted Notes

February 2016 - Owner Financing and Discounted Notes

January 2016 - Owner Financing and Discounted Notes

October 2015 - Land Trusts, Owner Financing & NPNS, Dodd-Frank, TRID, Licensing

September 2015 - Owner Financing and Discounted Notes

August 2015 - Owner Financing and Discounted Notes

July 2015 - Owner Financing and Discounted Notes

June 2015 - Owner Financing and Discounted Notes

May 2015 - Owner Financing and Discounted Notes

April 2015 - Buying Notes from the Bank - Weary Landlord Becomes the Bank - Land Trusts - Foreclosure When to Let Go

March 2015 - Why We Use Trusts, Owner Financing and Selling a Note to Pay Off a Partner

February 2015 - Switching From Real Estate to Notes, Mobile Home Park Purchase, Etc.

January 2015 - Anything Owner Financing and Notes

December 2014 - Landlords Who Want to Provide Home Ownership to Their Tenants - Offer Terms Sell the Note

December 2014 - 12 Step Program for Real Estate Investors Who Need to Get Into Notes

November 2014 - Buying Your First Note in a Self-Directed IRA - What's Your Max ITV

October 2014 - Investing in Owner Carry Notes vs. Private Lending vs. NPN Bank Paper

September 2014 - Why Didn't the House Sell With Owner Financing?

August 2014 - Meeting People All Over the Country Interested in Owner Financing and Notes

July 2014 - Exit Strategies for Flippers, Land Trusts and Subject to Etc.

May 2014 - Buying Non-Performing HOA Liens??

March 2014 - NPN as a Way to Acquire Property, Dodd Frank, Seller Financing

December 2013 - Buying a Partial of a 2nd, JV Options for Completing a Rehab, Calling Bans for NPNS

November 2013 - Condo Deal, Land or Personal Trusts, Buying NPNS from Banks

October 2013 - Land Trusts and How to Use Them with the Note Business

September 2013 - Called from the NPN Seminar in Las Vegas

August 2013 - Owner Financing Scam, Do You Need a License To Do The Note Business, Etc.

July 2013 - Owner Financing, Land Trusts, Selling a Note, How do You Buy Non-Performing Mobile Home Park Notes?

June 2013 - Review of Note and Owner Financing Deals, Land Contracts for Sale, Business Notes

May 2013 - Non-Performing Notes, Owner Financing, Direct Mail, Non-Circumvent, Etc.

March 2013 - Investing in Land & Mobile Home Notes

September 2012 - Q&A Session

July 2012 - Virtual Coffee: July Q&A Session