Millennial Generation

Did you know the millennial generation rents the most and makes up 27.3 percent of all renter households? The second fastest-growing group of renters, people ages 35 to 44 make up 21.5 percent of all renters. If these people ever decide to buy houses instead of renting, Los Angeles could experience another housing boom.

The LA Times recently wrote, “Call them the prodigal millennials: Statistical measures and anecdotal reports suggest that young couples and singles in their late 20s and early 30s have begun making a belated entry into the home-buying market, pushed by mortgage rates in the mid-3% range, government efforts to ease credit requirements and deep frustrations at having to pay rising rents without creating equity.

One of the biggest points in the debate over rent vs buy is No down payment needed to rent. Now we have a number of banks that are moving toward zero down payments. Banks like to have the homeowner put some skin in the game, 10% to 25% is usual, but

  • Veterans Affairs (formerly the Veterans Administration) guarantees no-down purchase mortgages for qualified veterans.
  • Navy Federal Credit Union, the nation’s largest in assets and membership, offers 100 percent financing to qualified members for buying primary homes.
  • The Department of Agriculture’s no-down payment Rural Development mortgage guarantee program is so popular that it has been known to run out of money before the end of the fiscal year.
  • The Federal Housing Administration insures loans with small down payments. And private mortgage insurers have lowered their down payment requirements.

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