Paperstac: The Platform That Makes Buying and Selling Notes Easy!

Paperstac is an online buying and selling platform for notes and it’s a great resource for Note Investors, whether you are a Note Investing veteran or someone just getting into the space. 

It provides a whole host of services that take away the guesswork and the fear of dealing with a new buyer or seller.

I’ve used the platform for years and recommend it to my students as well. You can sign up for free and find out what kinds of deals are available on the platform and buy notes with confidence. 

As a third party marketplace, Paperstac removes a lot of the risk involved in the process, especially if you haven’t established relationships with asset managers yet.

With Paperstac:

  • You remove the risk to buying and selling notes by working through a trusted middleman
  • Powerful search filters enable you to find the perfect asset. You can even set up alerts to get notified when a note is listed that matches your buying criteria.
  • Close your deals without leaving your computer! Theirr online closing is simply the fastest, easiest and dare we say “funnest” way to buy and sell mortgage notes.
  • Free to bid and list. You’ll pay a small 1% fee ($250 minimum) during closing. The fee covers all FedEx shipments, audit reports, online notary and more!

Find out what Paperstac is all about and how it can help you shop for your next Note purchase!



Get the 411 in this quick easy to digest video series, so you have a more comprehensive idea of what it is and if it’s the right next step for you.



Paige Panzarello is the “Cashflow Chick”. Having been a Real Estate investor and entrepreneur for almost 25 years, Paige has experienced many facets of real estate investing. Her experience includes founding and running her own Residential and Commercial Construction and Acquisition companies, Buy and Hold residential and commercial real estate investing, Tax Deeds/Liens Investing, Fix and Flip (Residential Remodeling), and other forms to name a few. She currently focuses on Non-Performing Notes that she purchases all across the United States. Whether in notes, residential or commercial real estate, in California, Arizona, or nationwide, Paige has been successful in completing over $150 million in real estate transactions to date.

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