Search for a Residential Care Facility

You know you are getting old when you are looking after one of both of your parents, and it’s time to search for a residential care facility because they can’t manage the chores of living by themselves. Another sad development as we boomers age is sometimes our spouse or significant other has deteriorating health and needs a fulltime care facility. Having friends who have gone through this, searching usually comes down to which facility looks the best, for the cost, and convenience for visits.

Andrea Gallagher, CSA, president of Senior Concerns writes, “Along with buying a new home come mounds of paperwork that must be signed. Most of us review documents in detail for accuracy and completeness because we recognize that we’ll be held to their terms and conditions. Some even hire an attorney to triple-check everything.

“Do seniors or their loved ones take the same precautions when signing residential-care-facility contracts? Whether you’re the senior or the responsible party, the complex journey to entering a care facility can be daunting.

“So many of the activities along that path are emotionally challenging: accepting that living on your own is no longer the best option, saying goodbye to cherished household items, selling your home, finding the right facility to live in, leaving neighbors and friends, parting with a beloved pet. With all that to deal with, it’s easy to see why we may be tempted to simply sign the contract as quickly as possible.

Gallagher says reviewing the contract is a vitally important step in the process.

Most seniors and family caregivers are unaware of the resources that can help them to be savvy shoppers when it comes to residential care. California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform offers fact sheets, listings of all residential-care facilities, resources and cautionary tales and advice on their website,

Everyone considering moving to such a place should treat this transaction with the same level of importance they would a home purchase. Time and energy up front can prevent a world of complications later on.

We have written several articles about the problems of aging and we intend to write more:

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