Where to Find Distressed Paper or Real Estate Notes?

If you are beginning to dip your toe into the world of Real Estate Notes, there is more than one way to find profitable Real Estate Notes to buy, hopefully this can help!

The biggest piece of advice I can provide you with is to “tap your resources!” There are copious amounts of resources at your fingertips, connecting with the banks, title companies and consistently checking the FDIC website is vital, the list goes on.

I’ve included a short video below that will aid you in the art of finding Real Estate Notes.

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Video Notes:

  • California is a deed state, we do not have mortgages in California
  • In the event of a foreclosure a trustee will act on our behalf.
  • If the note or distressed paper gets sold the trustee becomes the new contact for that note
  • The FDIC lists quarterly banks that are doing poorly and the banks that will get closed
  • The FDIC will list the successor banks (the ones who bought the assets)
  • Know what to say when you are calling around to title companies or banks!
  • You must know the precise type of property (single family home, industrial property extc.)
  • Know the value of the property and how much you can actually spend
  • TAP YOUR RESOURCES, there are many available to you