Where To Find Notes

Finding notes can be a tough concept to grasp. It requires persistence, ingenuity and creativity. If you are struggling with finding notes, there are a few key fundamentals to keep in mind.

There are an abundance of ways to discover notes, from contacting banks and note exchanges to inspecting the FDIC list of banks.

This short video will teach you the ways of note finding and hopefully answer any questions or misinterpretations of notes you may have, enjoy!

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Video Notes:

  • Be sure to speak to everyone you meet! Whether you are in the bank or at the store do not be shy about telling people you are in the note investing business.
  • Smaller banks deal directly.
  • Persistently contact banks until you establish a credible relationship with them.
  • Establish relationships with local credit unions.
  • More ways to find notes include relationships with hedge funds, Paper Source and Linkedin.
  • Note exchanges and Auction sites also can be great resources.
  • If you are just beginning in the note business, not asking the right questions and getting the right guidance can hurt you.
  • The county clerk’s office is a vital resource.
  • Foreclosure list provides a bounty of leads.
  • There are many groups to find notes in the Real Estate Investment Market.
  • When the capital reserves do not equate with outstanding debts, it results in A LOT of bad paper.
  • Scotsman’s Guide and Distressed Pro are important resources.
  • Hard money lenders